Red Coat theory: Cece Drake

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There are several things that Cece has done that are total -A moves, but yet they go completely unnoticed because she seems to do everything so innocently. I’ll post all of the reasons I think she’s red coat, but here is the main reason:

It all started with episode 3x11:

  • Cece tells Spencer the story about how Paige and Alison had it out for each other. And how Alison seemed “a little scared of that girl”. By telling Spencer this, and you know how Spencer is, it made her immediately seem suspicious of Paige.

  • By Spencer being suspicious of Paige, that leads her to search through Paige’s purse. Paige’s purse was just setting around at CECE’s store, where Cece could have easily slipped it in that earring. Spencer of course, ends up finding the earring that Aria put in Ali’s grave. Which makes Spencer and the girls think Paige is A.

  • By 3x12, we learn the A team was purposely trying to set up Paige as A and Maya’s killer. And the reason it was working all started because Cece put the idea in Spencer’s head that Paige was bad news. If Cece never brought any of that up, Spencer would have never suspected Paige, let alone go through her purse. And isn’t this something A always does? Try to frame somebody else and lead the girls in the wrong direction?

Also in 3x11:

  • I’m guessing Cece is the one that gave those boxes to Spencer to put in the dressing room. You first hear Cece say she’s going to go check on something outside (something with the delivery), only a couple seconds later you see somebody lock Spencer in there. It takes a bit of a while before it goes to Cece standing outside, so that could have very well been her that locked Spencer in there with the snake.

In 3x09:

  • Cece tells Spencer she gave that random guy Spencer’s application for school. Then Spencer goes home and immediately got notification her application has been submitted. Yeahh right. Like a guy came to party for 5 minutes, pick up the app, then went directly to the school to hand it in. And it was a Friday night btw.

No explanation needed here:


  • Didn’t Hanna start shop lifting AFTER Alison had died? I remember Hanna stole a bottle of her moms tequila, but I wouldn’t really call that shop lifting. So how did Cece know this..? One major thing A always teased Hanna about in season 1 WAS her shoplifting.

  • And:


  • When the girls also first meet up in 3x07, she mentions Alison was like a “broken doll”. A has some kind of weird obsession with dolls, so that’s an odd choice of words Cece.
  • …Wilden by chance?

  • This isn’t the same Ali mask as the Halloween episode, but kind of weird that it resembles it, no? And why exactly was Cece in the PDS webisodes? She wasn’t in the Halloween episode. People have also noticed when we saw red coat in Emily’s flashback, it looks like she’s wearing a mask.

  • This is when Spencer was directly asking Jenna about the night Emily was drugged and what “really” happened. What’s with the look?


Could it be…?


I’m not sure about this, but Jenna *could* have been the one digging up the grave:

Remember she had Emily in her car that night:


It’s totally either her or Alison imo. And when you look at Cece’s outfits in season 3, she wears a lot of red! She even has a red car!


  • 3x19: Cece always gives Jason a hard time about his drinking, he ends up finding a bunch of bottles on his porch and -A is watching them.

  • Cece lies to Aria and tells her that her car got towed. Why? What exactly was she doing? It was during this time when somebody was watching Emily and Jason. Her car is also bright freaking red. Red is the new black.


  • Cece says to Aria while she’s in the car, “I owe you big time”.
  • At the end of this episode:

  • She was at Ali’s talking to Melissa the night Alison was murdered. Notice how she’s also wearing a yellow top like Ali was:


  • She tells the girls she didn’t know who Wilden was.. but..


  • 3x20: Nice red coat Cece. She’s seen packing up and leaving, not too long ago red coat was watching Spencer and Wren.

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