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Anonymous asked: are Aria and Ezra back together

I guess

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Anonymous asked: it's really not that hard for Ezra to be like ' Aria, you have to know that me writing the book wasn't just to satisfy myself. I found out about what was going on, and wanted to protect you.' or something along those lines. If they can take 3 minutes having Caleb explain fucking ravenswood ( which no one gives a shit about) then they can surely take time to explain what Ezra did what he did...

Exactly! It upset me that they didn’t have Ezra explain anything, but upsets me way more that we didn’t even get to see a scene of them deciding to be together again. That is just horrible, horrible writing. I wrote a rant, well, not so much as a rant as a very long sad post on how the writers keep neglecting their storyline that I’ll post tomorrow.

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???? Explain the logic
  • 4B:Ezria fall apart.
  • 501-504:Not together, slowly talking again.
  • 505:Aria and Ezra have sex
  • 506:"That was a mistake" - Aria
  • 507-509:No scenes
  • 510:Aria and Ezra fight, Aria doesn't know if she can trust him again
  • 511:No scenes
  • 512:"There was a mini time jump, they are back together now" - MK
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    Explain to me how Toby became a cop in like five episodes but the liars are still in high school after five seasons?

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    marlene actually said ezria are back together

    because there was a mini time jump

    because last time they interacted they were fighting

    and yet getting ‘back together’ wasn’t an important enough scene to show

    not even showing the convo (which they SHOULD have)

    they couldn’t even give them a ‘back together’ kiss

    what the hell

    way to keep neglecting ezria’s story completely