"What did you want to write about?"

Lucy Hale performing on So You Think You Can Dance // July 23rd, 2014

Lucy Hale performing on So You Think You Can Dance // July 23rd, 2014

Since Ezra originally wanted to write a book about his family (brother, mother, father) but couldn’t figure it all out. Can he later in the future write a book about his other family: Aria and their future kids? ;)

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I personally dislike Alison being back. I think they should have stuck to her personality instead of making her a victim because it kind of takes away all the characteristics that made people like her in the first place. (she was a major bitch but she didn't take shit from others), I personally wasn't a fan and her and Emily have been so rushed and she's been so needy i just think it was the wrong approach. (plus Paige is Emily's soulmate and they just dumped that?)

I don’t mind her being back, because it actually changes the show a bit. But the PLLs will always be Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily. Alison will never really be in that circle for me. I will always only love the four girls and I do miss it just being them. And (just my opinion) the only reason I think they are playing her as the victim is to throw people off for when she turns out to be A. Her personality is still there, you see it come out from time to time. If she turns out NOT to be A, then I will be pissed. And yes, Emison is rushed and kind of annoying.

Regarding all the Ezra hate...


I hope this episode knocked some thought into everyone that yes, Ezra has screwed up in the past, but he’s not evil. He’s not the devil. He didn’t have intentions to hurt anyone. He just wanted to protect the girl he loves and put an end to all of A’s antics, but unknowingly went a little…



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Yes he is. Well, I’m pretty sure he is. He was on set when they filmed both 508/509 together, and it seems like he’s not in 508 so I’m guessing he’s in 509. Plus he was on set with Holly.

Okay thank god. Because I was on the pll wikea and Ian wasn’t listed in 5x09 but he was listed in 5x08. I’m so confused.

The PLL wikea is not an accurate website at all. Lol